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It all started with a ball and a dream. We wanted the most fun, non-competitive sport possible and decided kickball was that game! It’s just like the old playground game we used to play as kids. Kick the ball, run around the bases, celebrate, repeat. We play multiple seasons per year in Downtown Fresno at Dickey Playground.

Ways to Register

Solo Player

Register on your own, and we'll assign you to a full team of other fantastic players. 

Group of Friends

More than 2 but less than a full team of 15? That's ok! We will get you on a full team of other players and keep your group together.

Full Team

Have 15 or more players? You've got yourself a full team! You're set and ready to kick it.

League Details

We are a co-ed league for all levels of skill. But come on, is anyone good at kickball?

Teams are 15 players with nine players on the field at a time.


Each game is 45 minutes.

For our full list of rules and all the good details, click here

Corporate Sponsorships

Are you ready to take team bonding to a whole new level while also promoting your company to over 10,000 of our fans and email subscribers?

Our corporate sponsorship is perfect for you. It includes a full team, your logo on our website as a sponsor, special shout-outs on our social media pages and emails, your logo on the back of our shirts, and we’ll have a banner made for you that will be on display during our games. 

Give us a call at 559-330-1001 for more details

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